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"ExtendALL" is the brand that represents our way of working, we seek in each project to increase the expectations of our customers.
On the basis of our work is Architecture, with Extendall Projects, which led us to other business areas, with Extendall Guesthouse, Extendall Store and Extendall Road.
We tried to implement in everything we do our creativity and identity, always in a relationship of proximity to the customer and with a strong sense of responsibility.

Extendall Projects
Bruno Sales, architect, was born in 1984 in Cinfães do Douro and graduated in 2008 from the University of Minho - Guimarães.
After completing his internship he began his career in the city of Matosinhos, with housing and interior projects.
In 2012, with the completion of the first project in Porto historical center, interest in Rehabilitation emerged and with it the "Extendall Guesthouse".
Today we have a portfolio of more than 50 works, distributed by the municipality of Cinfães, Castelo de Paiva and Porto, in which our experience allows us to conduct the whole process of licensing and work, from Architecture to Furniture.

Extendall Guesthouse
In 2013 we opened our Guesthouse in Porto Downtown, Rua das Taipas, exposing our work to the world. It has been a fantastic experience for us, as the constant evaluation of our guests requires us to maintain levels of excellence and to bring our language closer to the needs of our customers.
Our building offers two types, studio(2) and loft(1), with a maximum capacity for 3 and 6 people respectively. All the furniture has been customized by us, giving a unique identity to the space.
On the ground floor, we maintained the trade, with our hand-painted tile shop and other products of the city.

Extendall Store
Our shop of only 25m2 is a small showcase of Portuguese hand painted tiles, with several Portuguese products that we want to be a souvenir of our country.
We also intend to exhibit our designer furniture in our online shop, so that you can also see how far we can take our design and creativity.

Extendall Road
It appeared as a joke but quickly became a challenge, both by the scale of its interior as the complexity of its development.
We intend to finish our Mercedes Sprinter in 2020, a van that will become an Auto-Caravan, where we put all our knowledge into practice, a challenge of harnessing and organizing space, cargo control, facilities etc.
A challenge that will certainly also be the image of what we want to implement in each project.



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