About Us

We work hard to be exceptional since 2010. As we were not always successful, we spend our days creating new things.. and here is the result. We do every kind of project, we sell everything that is takking space in our micro office, we have a van to get on the road and we even have people that pick us to stay with, when they’re visiting the city. We ‘re oppen to new challenges, ready to stretch everything tha is shrunken and wrinkled... is our expertise. We are young but do not stand stuck waiting for tomorrow to come. We know what we’re doing and show what we are capable of when pushed to the test. 



Say Hello

Email : info@extendall.com
Phone : +351 220 926 896 | +351 915 543 121

Where to meet

Rua das Taipas 44, 4050-452 Porto, Portugal